VR франшиза
Four main problems faced by customers
They are bored and tired of all the entertainment activities in the city.
Not enough places to have active rest with friends.
Inactive lifestyle.
No interesting and dynamic games for the family.
Open a WARSTATION virtual
reality arena
in your city
and make
an average monthly profit
of $10 900 and up.


One-time payment

from $5 450


Average pay-back period

6-12 mon.


Average profit from the arena

from $5 500/mon.
it's a real business,
we offer you
to become our
Find out the cost


Why is the VR arena
business profitable?

Adjustment of locations to suit your arena of any complexity

A small threshold of entry and fast payback

Launching a VR arena will be less costly than opening, for example, a pizza cafe, a hookah bar, a coffee bar, or a trampoline center. The payback period takes only six months.

Regular updates of the game management platform

Our customers receive unique software and access to constant updates - with its help you can launch VR games.

Launch and profit from the first month

High margin and ROI.

Exciting type of entertainment

High LTV

High LTV rate due to players' consistent desire to feel vivid and overwhelming emotions when they plunge into the world of virtual reality. A great variety of maps will always stir customers' interest.

Minimum risks due to small investment amounts at the start

Virtual reality

From fantasy worlds
created by science fiction writers
to a multi-million business.

billion dollars*
The estimated value of the world VR market as of 2021 г. *
According to the research conducted by ResearchAndMarkets in August 2022.
billion dollars
Forecast value of the world VR market for 2025. world VR market for 2025. *
billion rubles
Value of the Russian VR market as of 2021.
The average annual growth rate of the VR/AR market is 31%.

What do our partners

WARSTATION PRO subscription:

  • Regular software updates
  • Webinars for directors
  • Webinars for staff training
  • Chat with design materials
  • Content for a group in social nets
$ 300 /month $ 400 /month
All included


$ 5,450
$ 7,100


$ 7,100
$ 8,900


$ 9,100
$ 10,550


$ 23,650
$ 25,100
Recommended area of the premises
It's calculated with the consideration of the following parameters: 25 m2 for 1 person. In this case, all players will feel comfortable when playing in the arena.

<150 m²

<250 m²

250-300 m²

300-400 m²

Number of players
The total number of game participants simultaneously playing in the arena.

to 10

to 12

to 14

to 14

Number of game worlds
The number of game locations is included in the tariff and will be adjusted to suit your arena.





Game settings
Settings are the surroundings where the game takes place. Settings include several parameters which define the game world: time period, place, culture, types of weapons (from snowballs to space blusters).



Winter village



Winter village

Wild west



Winter village

Wild west

VR Lasertag



Winter village

Wild west

VR Lasertag

A ready-made location for standard premises (6x6 m², 6x9 m², 6x12 m², 5x18 m², 9x12 m², 9x18 m²)
It's suitable for various types of standard premises which have a strictly rectangular shape and have no columns or ledges.
Adjustment of game maps to suit your premises
Our developers will adjust locations that you have purchased so that can be suitable for your arena.
Technical support and updates
Our specialist will be always in touch, they'll help you solve any technical issues. We'll provide you with access to regular updates of software for launching games.
Check-list: recommendations on arena arrangement
Marketing materials
Financial model for your city
Instruction on how to set up the equipment
An opportunity to open an arena under the WARSTATION brand name
Check-list on the complex opening of the playground
Graphic materials for printed advertising
Graphic materials for social networks
Photo session materials
Business Consultant
Instructions on staff recruiting and training
Site and e-mail on warstation. ru/com domain
You will get access to the site designed in a single corporate style for an arena on warstation. ru/com domain and subdomain with the name of your city.
WARSTATION brand book
A visit of the specialist to set up the equipment
Gaming equipment (10 Oculus Quest 2 headsets)
Computer and Wi-Fi router

Additional services

  • A visit of the specialist to attend the arena opening (included in "V.I.P" tariff. Travel and accommodation are not included in the price and are paid separately.) — $ 460
  • Turn-key design project of your arena prepared by a designer (included in "V.I.P" tariff) — $ 1,850
  • A new location with necessary adjustments to suit your arena — $ 910
  • Opening under WARSTATION brand name (for "Basic" tariff) — $ 1,850
  • Help with staff training — $ 460

15 steps to open your VR arena

Getting to know the general concept of WARSTATION VR arenas

Learning the financial model and requirements for an arena launch

Communicating with a personal manager to discuss all business questions, and also as a possibility, testing the product on already working arenas.

Getting partial access to the knowledge base and all important materials

Checklists, instructions, recommendations, an example of arena design, and marketing materials.

Selecting and getting approval for VR arena premises

We'll supply you with all the necessary requirements.

Drawing up a contract

Signing the contract and payment.

Checklist for opening Warstation playground

After signing the contract you'll get the checklist with all materials.

Access to additional materials for promotion and development

We'll give you access to private partner chats, technical support, and graphic materials. You'll also get access to the content for social networks.

Creating a design project for an arena

You can use our service or develop the project on your own.

Adjustment of locations to suit your arena of any complexity

We'll adjust all game locations taking into consideration all specific features of your arena.

Arranging an arena and purchasing equipment.

You'll be given a document with recommendations and requirements concerning the equipment.

Preparing and setting up the equipment

Our specialists will help you set up the equipment remotely or in person.

Launching marketing campaign

We'll provide you with all the necessary graphic materials and share our experience in setting up advertising campaigns.

Staff recruitment and training

We'll consult you and supply all necessary instructions concerning staff recruitment and training.

Opening and launching an arena

The opening ceremony of your arena and the first customers.

Regular partner support

Support in business issues. Webinars for staff training and marketing promotion.


WARQUEST game scenarios

Interactive surroundings
12 Locations Find out more
Warquest map Village Warquest map Hangar Warquest map Market Warquest map Station Warquest map Wild West
Carefully worked-out game maps
Warquest map SCI-FI street Warquest map Hangar Warquest map SCI-FI CITY Warquest map Station Warquest map Bridge Market
Heavy Rifle SciFi SnowBallGun Gun Pistol SciFi Pistol Pistol Revolvers Gun Rifle SciFi Rifle Rifle Shotgun Machinegun Machinegun
A variety of weapons
Warquest map Wild West Warquest map Buildibg Warquest map Mars Warquest map Bunker Warquest map Cosmic wreck Warquest map Snow Village
Unique game worlds

Modern Meta Quest 2 headsets

Thanks to a unique tracking system every move of the players is tracked, ensuring a full immersion into the game world.
Providing a possibility of complete freedom of movement, the game requires such important skills as good reaction speed and physical endurance.
Meta Quest 2
Meta Quest 2
Development Department
Our development department creates games using Unreal Engine 4. As of today, it's one of the most popular engines. It's used both by large companies and small individual studios.
Unreal Engine 4 has extended functionality. Thanks to it, we can offer our customers different exciting scenarios: from battles in abandoned buildings seized by terrorists to space battles on Mars.
Want to be part of a team
Meta Quest 2
What can you offer to
to your customers?
Birthday parties
Corporate parties, Events
Presentations and training
A family weekend
Playing games will be interesting
for both kids and adults,
with no age limits.
Girls in VR
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