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VR очки VR джойстик для левой руки VR джойстик для правой руки

Open your own VR-arena with a 9-months return on investment*

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Business essentials

WARSTATION is a virtual reality arena that you can visit in your own city. A new type of recreational activity that will appeal to both kids and adults.

Play PVP games that allow you to walk around freely. Only a headset and gamepads are required for games. VR-club in Smolensk City

Minimal risks. Quick return on investment.

Warstation is a business that does not require a long payback period. Virtual reality is a rapidly expanding business, you'll start making money in the first month having made a small investment.


One-time payment

from $ 5 000

Average payback time

6-12 months

No royalties. All the arena's profits are yours

from $ 3 500/month

Coming soon: worldwide

Why the VR arena is profitable

The entry barrier is low, and the return on investment is swift.

Opening a VR arena will be far less expensive than opening a pizzeria, hookah lounge, coffee shop, trampoline park, or other comparable establishment. At first, less than $ 12 650 will be required. And the payback takes just 6 months or so.

Fast start-up

Start-up time is as little as one month, thanks to modern technology. There is no need for costly repairs.

High LTV

You will have a high LTV score due to the fact that people want to experience these vibrant and unbelievable game emotions over and over again. With a wide variety of games, you will always have something to please your customers.

Minimal risks

Minimal risk due to low initial investment. Unlike a traditional franchise, you don't have to give us a cut of the revenues. We will provide all the necessary materials to promote and develop your arena.

Profit from the first month

With the right marketing strategy, you will start to make a profit in the first month and it will only grow from there.

Fascinating form of entertainment

The virtual reality arena will generate a lot of interest in your city. It is an active and exciting leisure activity that is not yet widespread, but is rapidly gaining momentum.

Virtual reality

From the fantasies of dreamers to the multi-million business.

17,5 billions USD Estimate of the value of the Russian VR market in 2025

15,81 billions USD World VR market value for 2020 *Huawei research with TMT Consulting

1,4 billions USD The value of the Russian VR market for 2020

Basic information

This business is easily scalable due to the minimal risks and low start-up investments.

VR is the next level in high-tech. There is a lot of interest in the industry since it is applicable in many areas.

Arena space Ceilings Heights from 2.6 m Square Minimum — 8×12 m —  - up to a maximum of 8 players
Middle — 10×15 м — up to 10 players at a time
Large — 10×20 м — up to 10 players at a time.
Huge — 15×20 м — up to 10 players at a time.

Game equipment: headsets and gamepads Mobile Oculus Quest 2 and subsequent generations.

Staff recruitment and training In the first stage you will need an administrator and an instructor, just two staff members.

Marketing costs Starting advertising to attract traffic

Anyone from 6 to 60 years old can play in virtual reality. Kids aged 8 to 16 and young people under 30 make 50% of the target audience.

A simplified taxation system without VAT is suitable for this type of activity.

Package offers


Arena area
Recommended number of simultaneous players
Number of game maps-locations
Different game worlds (city streets, winter village, Wild West, space, city of the future)
Package Basic
Arena area 150-200 m2
Recommended number of simultaneous players Up to 10 players
Number of game maps-locations 10
Different game worlds (city streets, winter village, Wild West, space, city of the future) 3
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Package Extended
Arena area 200-300 m2
Recommended number of simultaneous players Up to 12 players
Number of game maps-locations 12
Different game worlds (city streets, winter village, Wild West, space, city of the future) 4
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Package Maximum
Arena area 300-400 m2
Recommended number of simultaneous players Up to 14 players
Number of game maps-locations 14
Different game worlds (city streets, winter village, Wild West, space, city of the future) 5
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Also included in the packages:

  • Software to run games forever
  • Regular software updates
  • Checklist for complex arena launching
  • Contacts of equipment suppliers
  • WARSTATION corporate identity
  • Design templates for social networks
  • Marketing materials
  • Financial model for your city/town
  • Technical support
  • Checklist: recommendations for the arrangement of the arena
  • Graphic materials for the design of your website
  • Personal business consultant

Additional services

  • A turnkey design project of your arena from an architect — $2,000
  • Assistance in staff training — $500
  • A new location with adaptation to your arena — $1000

The equipment is not included in the price of the tariff

There are no lump-sum contributions and royalties

Open a business under your own trademark or under a brand WARSTATION

Game content / DLC

  • Drawing maps for your premises
  • New game settings
  • New game mechanics
  • New inventory items
Cosmic Wreck
1 000 $
Wild West
1 000 $

Our games

Warquest scenarios

VR локация sci-fi город
sci-fi city
VR локация бункер
VR локация зимняя деревня
Winter Village
VR локация база на марсе
Mars station
VR локация последняя закупка
Final checkout
VR локация sci-fi улица
sci-fi street
VR локация Дикий Запад
Wild west
VR локация Cosmic Wreck
Cosmic Wreck
VR локация штурм моста
Bridge assault
VR локация ангар
VR разрушенное здание
Destroyed building
VR локация космическая станция
Space station

Modern Oculus Quest 2 headsets

Thanks to its unique tracking system, every player's movement can be tracked, ensuring a fully immersive gaming experience.

By moving freely around the arena, not only reaction speed is important in the game, but physical endurance as well.

Target audiencs of VR
Target audiencs of VR
Target audiencs of VR
Target audiencs of VR
Target audiencs of VR
Target audiencs of VR

Dev. department

WARSTATION development

Our development department creates games on the Unreal Engine 4. It is one of the most popular today. It is used by both large companies and small indie studios.

Unreal Engine 4 has extensive functionality. Thanks to that, we can offer users a variety of exciting scenarios, from terrorist attacks on abandoned buildings to space battles on Mars.

Разработка карт для VR


Больше отзывов вы можете найти на официальном YouTube-канале WARSTATION Смотреть YouTube

Important questions

It is an incredible feeling of happiness and euphoria. As you play, the boundaries between you and the playable character are blurred. You become one, which makes it very easy to lose touch with reality. The virtual world will seem so alive and real that you'll have to get used to everyday reality all over again.

The WARSTATION virtual arena network was created by LASERWAR, a global manufacturer of laser tag weapons and equipment. We have more than 3,700 clubs open for games all over the world. We run the biggest laser tag tournaments in the world and know first-hand how to make the game interesting. Now we have decided to bring our years of experience into virtual reality as well, so that everyone can enjoy military tactical games.

Running the game is very simple and does not take long. After the game, all you have to do is switch off the virtual reality glasses. This type of business does not require the constant purchase of consumables, as all that is needed are VR glasses, a PC and Wi-Fi. You will have enough time to attract new clients without being distracted by mundane and routine tasks.

There is no motion sickness thanks to the free movement of players in the arena. The player is fully immersed in the virtual world and feels a part of it.

Forget the discomfort of previous generations of VR attractions. A revolutionary technology is proposed.

The WARSTATION environment is extremely beneficial to both nature and society. This is a waste-free activity. You'll give your customers a lot to experience. It is also beneficial to the body, since it is a physically active kind of recreation.

What you can offer to your client

The game is fun for both
kids and adults,
there is no age limit

Any questions?

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