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10 best free VR games on SideQuest

10 best free VR games on SideQuest
14 Feb 2023

Virtual reality makes us pleased and happy with an overwhelming variety of games. And it's doubly pleasant when the games can be downloaded for free. For example, it can be done via SideQuest, one of the best-known sideload platforms. So today we'll tell you about 10 free VR games that can be downloaded from this app store. Besides, you can take part in content creation - game developers are eager to get every opinion about their project and correct the faults.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein VR is a classical computer game brought to virtual reality. The player has to accomplish different missions, including a planned assassination. The whole plot is set during World War II.

Seeker VR is a Harry Potter VR game developed for fans of this most important character in the magical world. You can fly a broomstick and try your hand in the Hogwarts Quidditch championship with a variety of storylines to enjoy.

Doom3Quest is one of the longest games in VR. The plot is as follows: when doing research, scientists came across the mention of a gateway portal to hell inhabited by monsters. So the player's task is to fight through the Mars base to stop the demons.

To appreciate all the advantages of Lambda1VR, you need to own the original Half-life on a PC purchased on Steam. Then you'll be able to enjoy exciting adventures playing Gordon Freeman, the main character.

Attack on Quest is a free-to-play virtual reality game, inspired by the anime, Attack on Titan.

Cybercade is an arcade game that you can play alone, with friends, or with strangers.

Shooting Arena is a shooter-genre VR game. It offers many interesting modes and great dynamics.

QuestCraft is an independent VR port for Minecraft Java Edition. The installation will require maximum effort.

Five Nights at Freddy's Sister Location is a survival horror game in which the main character, a late-night technician, must get rid of animatronics.

QuakeQuest is a first-person shooter game in VR.

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