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10 crazy ways to use virtual reality

10 crazy ways to use virtual reality
01 Jun 2023

Today, we’ll tell you how people make money on virtual reality and about their unusual projects. We hope that this information will inspire you to create something. If you think about it, you will definitely come up with an idea of opening your own VR business, that will work out.  

Thanks to the SwimVR project, you won’t need to travel to see an ocean – it’s enough to go to a swimming pool. You will be given a VR helmet and a breathing apparatus to enjoy the underwater world which is full of mysteries.    

By the way, one of the main goals of this project is to protect the ocean. Many tourists leave garbage on the seaside, which gets into water later because of waves.

You can take a unique yacht trip in virtual reality in Yaroslavl. People board a real yacht, where they get a virtual reality helmet, and watch a tour. They are told about the main tourist attractions of this old city on the Volga river.

VR dating can open up an incredible number of prospects for dating. Thus, you can use VR technology to find a potential partner several times faster, and it’s encouraging.

You can play games in a VR helmet before going to sleep, while lying in bed. Minor movements of legs will let you control your character. The developers say that all apps needed for this device are available in SteamVR.

VR technologies have demand in modern medical centres, too. Patients fight with their fears, depression, phobias and posttraumatic stress disorders under the experts’ care. Virtual reality can also help to cure those with ICP and autism.

One of the American designers created his apartment in virtual reality where he can control some objects with the help of his hands. This experience can help to develop a lot of interesting and useful projects.   

The project, similar to the previous one: being in self-isolation, a journalist created a virtual version of his favourite pub. Also, experts helped him to create realistic 3D animation of people. Also, he added a multiplayer to his VR pub to let his friends visit his venue.

The coronavirus pandemic changed the lifestyle of almost every person. VR technologies helped the Japanese to visit their favourite hot springs when all venues were closed because of COVID-19.      

Now, we’ll tell you again about the project that puts everyone into a better mood - a toilet bowl with a VR helmet. This thing was created to prevent people from distracting from videos or games. Statistically, we spend more than 150 hours in a toilet annually. Why not have fun?    

For those who love extreme sports, VR is integrated with flying in a vertical wind tunnel. Be sure you will experience the thrill, and, of course, have fun.

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