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A new exoskeleton Exit Suit will give you unforgettable VR experience

A new exoskeleton Exit Suit
06 Jul 2023

This novelty will improve your immersion into VR! In today’s article, we’ll tell you about Exit Suit exoskeleton.    
It’ll track all your movements and transfer this data to your VR headset. As a result, you will move freely in virtual reality and get unforgettable VR experience.
What is Exit Suit exoskeleton? One may say it’s a full-fledged suit, the parts of which interact thanks to various sensors. It will get adjusted for you and make the movements in the VR world as natural as possible.     

One more benefit is that this new type of an exoskeleton will react to everything that happens to you in virtual reality. For example, if your player gets injured, the suit will give a signal in the corresponding part of the body.  
According to the developers, Exit Suit exoskeleton will be easy-to-put-on. At the moment, this product isn’t available for purchase and its possible price isn’t announced yet.

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