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A new system of moving in a virtual reality has been released

A new system of moving in a virtual reality has been released
10 Jul 2023

There’re a lot of ways to move in virtual reality. Among them there’s the use of VR treadmills and other wearable devices. Recently, the developers from South Korea developed a new Seamless-Walk system based on the movements of the feet.   
The experts created an «intellectual carpet», thanks to which you don’t have to use VR treadmills or other extra devices anymore. Also, this development can improve your impression of immersion into virtual reality.   

Here’re some details of how the system works: a person has simply to move on the carpet while certain sensors will track the movement of their feet. Then the movements of the human body will be transformed into virtual experience with supposed speed, inclination angle of the body and etc. 
By the way, Seamless-Walk has already been tested. Thus, about 80 people who had to find their way around in three-dimensional space took part in the research.   
The experts are planning to improve the system, providing it with other extra parameters, including gait analysis.

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