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A selection of apps and videos for VR travel

A selection of apps and videos for VR travel
09 Feb 2023

Don't have enough time to travel? Then, today's selection of games is exactly for you. Virtual reality technologies provide many opportunities with no need to leave home.

VR videos and apps will allow you to see the most beautiful places not only on our planet but also in space.

1. Thanks to VR videos that can be found on the AdMe channel, you can enjoy the most breathtaking views of our planet.

2. AdMe channel also offers VR space travel video which is sure to impress you from the very first seconds.

3. You can explore the world in Discovery VR. You will have a whole collection of spectacular videos to choose from.

Download Discovery VR

4. In Safari Adventures VR you will have a chance to take a jeep ride through the jungles.

Download Safari Adventures VR

5. Using the VR Space app you can travel to space to explore the solar system.

Download VR Space

6. RosVR studio has created 360° VR videos in the Russian language for entertainment or education.

Climbing Mount Elbrus

Flying over Dubai

7. Another group of Russian developers has created a 'Black VR' project about space.

8. Lions 360° VR film will give you a chance to come face to face with lions and observe how these predators behave in the wild.

By the way, you can find many free 360° 3D high-quality videos on YouTube.

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