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American company presented the world’s first AR digital magnifier

American company presented the world’s first AR digital magnifier
04 Jul 2023

FYR Medical is an American company that presents digital XR-based magnifiers. By the way, this is the first ever project for surgery. This product has the same size, weight and form as a regular model for the operating room.        

In addition, it’s very important that these magnifiers are equipped with light field  sensors, thus  reducing eye strain and fatigue, compared to VR and AR headsets. The weight of this model is just 113 g, which is also a benefit. 

The device is designed mainly for surgeons. It’ll let an expert see information about a patient without going away from an operating table during surgery. In other words, they will be able to “see” what’s there inside the patient’s body in real-time mode.   

As a result, a medical professional will see a sharp and three-dimensional image. The developers note that it’ll be easier for a surgeon to focus their eyes on the objects placed at a different distance from their eyes. By the way, the field of view is 30°, which is good.

These XR-glasses can also be used in telehealth area or during classes for students and diagnosticians. At the moment, there’s no information about the price of the product. It’s expected that AR-based digital magnifiers will enter the market during the second half of this year.

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