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AR-headset now has X-ray vision

AR-headset now has X-ray vision
04 Jul 2023

The experts invented an AR headset with X-ray vision. Now, it’s enough to have a look at, for example, a box to know what’s there in it.   
The main thing is that there should be special RFID tags on the objects you are willing to find. These tags are what lets the X-AR headset identify the objects through plastic containers, boxes and other things.    
Here’s a brief description of how it works.   First, sensors of headset scan the space around a user. Then, it detects the object you need to find. Next, you only have to follow the route created for you. This is the route that will lead you to the object you need.    
It’s worth noting that an X-AR headset can check if you found the right object. If it’s right, the tags on the object will send a special signal to confirm it.By the way, the experts are planning to continue working to improve this AR headset.

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