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ContactGlove gloves will let you touch VR objects

ContactGlove gloves will let you touch VR objects
08 Jun 2023

Virtual reality offers a lot of opportunities. You can experience incredible emotions and travel to the places where regular people often can’t go thanks to VR technologies. 

The experts constantly develop new VR devices to improve your experience. One of the latest novelties is VR gloves ContactGlove created by Japanese developers. This is why now you can touch VR objects.  

The device can control each of your fingers. It is also equipped with hand tracking. In addition, the VR gloves also work as a controller.

One more benefit of ContactGlove is an opportunity to feel like touching an object.  

Now, it’s time to talk about the main technical characteristics of this device. If you disable   tactile feedback, the device can work for 6 hours. If it’s enabled, the accumulator will work only for two hours.   

It takes 2,5 hours to charge these gloves. One more important thing is that the users can choose gloves suitable for their hand size (S, M or L).

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