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Cream Soda and Yandex.Music released a VR game

Cream Soda VR game
17 Aug 2023

A popular Russian music band Cream Soda now has its own VR game

Today, we want to tell you about the latest news of the world of music. Cream Soda released its fifth album. Together with this important event, a VR game based on the world of this popular music band was released.

The players will be able to become an employee of one of night clubs and give a cool party. The club must develop and get popular – to let it do so, the guests must enjoy the parties. It’s important to create a unique atmosphere of the party, you have to decorate the room and make sure everything is fine.    

It’s worth noting that Cream Soda musicians have virtual characters. They will perform on the stage regularly. By the way, it’ll be possible to talk to each of them and even to interact with each of them. They will sing different songs on every new level.  

VR game Cream Soda Club is absolutely free.

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