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Geospatial Creator — AR-platform by Google

AR-platform by Google
03 Aug 2023

Now, you can create immersive content with the help of a new AR platform powered by Google.    

You can create deeply immersive content very fast thanks to a new AR platform Geospatial Creator from Google.

Let’s take a closer look at how this new AR platform works. For example, users can create their own 3D maps and add different elements (buildings and etc.) to it.  
Also, the users can choose suitable animation and background sound.

To use this AR platform, you only need a smartphone or a tablet based on Android or iOS, having a cool AR technology from Google – ARCore.

However, Geospatial Creator isn’t publicly available so far: only partners can access it. Of course, some developers have already tried this app. You can find information about some of them on the Internet.

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