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How to set up Trinus VR for a PC

How to set up Trinus VR for a PC
07 Jul 2023

In today’s article, we want to tell you about one more novelty from the VR world: the program Trinus was designed specially for VR fans. It’s quite user-friendly, but let’s discuss some aspects of its operation…  

To use it, you need a VR headset and an Android smartphone. Download Trinus VR to your mobile phone. Then, install this program and launch it on your PC. After that, establish a connection between a smartphone and a computer.

There’re two methods to do it, you can choose any of them. You can establish connection between a smartphone and a computer with the help of a USB cord or via Wi-Fi.   

Let’s note that the second option is easier: you only need your smartphone and PC to be connected to the same router. Then, launch Trinus VR app on your smartphone, click the triangle and voilà! You can also establish connection with the help of a USB cord. First, go to Settings on your mobile phone and turn on USB modem mode. After that, you will see information about a new connection on your PC. Then, click the triangle on both devices.    However, any user can face problems when working with Trinus VR. To avoid them, you have to follow several important rules.

The developers note that, for example, you have to launch the program only in the window mode, also, disable Internet connection on your smartphone (to prevent the computer from using this connection) and try to turn off a firewall.

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