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HTC reveals another way to dive into VR with Vive Ultimate Tracker

Another way to dive into VR with the Vive Ultimate Tracker
29 Jan 2024

HTC reveals another way to dive into virtual reality. A new device called the Vive Ultimate Tracker has been presented.

It is a tracker that attaches with straps, for example, on the leg, and can track a person's body, thus giving the player new opportunities and unforgettable experiences.

The device will be able to run continuously for seven hours, and its charging time will be about two or three hours (depending on the method). The Vive Ultimate Tracker weighs less than 100 grams, is about the size of two matchboxes, and has a range of almost 10 meters.

The connection to the tracker will be via a Wi-Fi network. It is worth noting that the device has six degrees of freedom and two wide-angle cameras. A single virtual reality headset will be able to detect up to five Ultimate Tracker sensors.

The tracker is already available for purchase through Its cost will be nearly $200. However, until the end of 2023, you can take advantage of a special offer to buy a set of three trackers and other accessories for just $600.

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