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Hunt spiders in Kill it With Fire VR game

Kill it With Fire VR game
06 Jul 2023

This VR game will definitely allow nobody of those who are afraid of spiders to stay indifferent! Thanks to Kill it With Fire VR, you can also fight with one of the most widespread phobias. The users will have to kill in any way these predators who eat insects and small animals.
A player can choose the weapon they will use to fight with “octopod comrades”. By the way, some weapons are dangerous not only for spiders. For example, flamethrowers can do harm to a player.   

Kill it With Fire VR user will be able to have a really fun time! They are to smash flowerpots with a pan – this is almost impossible in real life because no one wants to damage their own property. 
To sum up, a player has to track down eight types of spiders and then kill them with various everyday items or real weapon. Also, to make the game more interesting, the developers added puzzles and several optional targets.   
VR game Kill it With Fire VR is already available on several platforms.

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