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MeganeX headset designed for PC VR is ready for release

MeganeX headset designed for PC VR
29 Jan 2024

Shiftall is planning to release a virtual reality headset called MeganeX for PCs in early 2023. By the way, there has been no word on the activities of this brand for about one year. The reason for this is that the company has been gradually and leisurely increasing its production throughout this period.

Now let's briefly talk about the main features of the VR device we're talking about in today's article. This headset has six degrees of freedom for SteamVR and is as lightweight and compact as possible, with ultra-high resolution displays.

MeganeX headset

MeganeX headset

Panasonic-owned Shiftall initially presented its product only in Japan, not even considering a mass release of the VR headset in other countries in the future. The brand is now working to increase production capacity to launch MeganeX sales in the United States.

The virtual reality headset will cost over $1,500, the price of the business version is currently unknown.

By the way, you should note that Shiftall has several other virtual reality devices in its range. These include a controller, Bluetooth microphone, and a headset for full-body tracking.

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