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Meta company presented new tools for Quest headsets

New tools for Quest headsets
07 Jul 2023

Virtual reality technologies develop in leaps and bounds and have a huge influence on how we perceive the world. Sense of touch is an important part of VR, they help the users to plunge deeper into the digital environment.

Thus, Meta company (the organisation recognized as extremist in Russia) presented new tools for Quest headsets, with the help of which the developers will implement the sense of touch into their VR projects much faster.

The first novelty is an app - Meta Haptics Studio. Thanks to it, the experts don’t have to develop test apps. Now, it will be easier to create, set up and test sense-of-touch effects. Haptics SDK for Unity platform is one more program tool for working with sense of touch, its features will surely make a user happy.

By the way, there’s a set of touch-of-sense effects and a guide for aspiring developers. It’s worth noting that these tools are at the stage of experiment at the moment.

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