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Meta unveiled Meta Reality MR system

Meta Reality MR system
08 Jun 2023

Today, we want to tell you about Mixed Reality (MR) – the merging of virtual and real environments. It is actually what lets you see a 3D picture of a person or forms an illusion of a 3D object.   

Here’s one of the latest novelties in the mixed reality industry: Meta Reality presented by Meta (recognized as extremist in the Russian Federation and banned).

Thus, the developers noted the importance of the use of stereoscopic color passthrough, thanks to which mixed reality will be interesting and immersive. 

For example, Quest Pro has two types of cameras for better depth representation, thanks to which MR users feel convenient. Under certain lighting conditions, the device allows you to see an improved 3D picture.

Understanding the scene for unification of virtual data with the real world is one more important element. As for this aspect, the experts talk about three categories – scene model, scene capture and scene API.   

According to the project authors, scene understanding lets the developers face fewer problems when trying to create MR experiences with different effects that can be realistic and provide full immersion for users.  

Spatial anchoring will let the developers quickly create apps within the framework of mixed reality. Here’s an example: an expert will be able to create virtual furniture in their real living room. Of course, this technology can be used for other purposes.   

It’s also possible to form local games for several users thanks to the new feature provided by Meta (recognized as extremist in the Russian Federation and banned) – spatial anchoring.

A winning combination in VR includes a combination of spatial anchoring, scene understanding and transition. This is what really guarantees help with interactive environment formation – the environment that will look like it looks in real life.   

The system of mixed reality from Meta Reality – is the first and important step in MR development. This platform will continue to improve in the future thanks to software and hardware innovations.

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