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MR-game Demeter launches on a Quest

A new mixed-reality game
29 Jan 2024

We have great news for you! The MR game Demeter, which has been in development for about two years, will be released on the 25th of January and will be available on Quest headsets. By the way, you can pre-order it and get a 10 percent discount.

Let's talk about gameplay: Demeter players will play as a character named Atalanta, who wields magic and finds herself in a foreign world.

You have to perform various actions, including solving challenging puzzles, to help her figure out what's going on and get back home.

This mixed-reality game is an interesting combination of real and virtual world components, where the fate of Atalanta depends only on your actions. Each Demeter level will be adapted to the scale of the space and the environment where the game takes place.

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