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Must-knows for the owners of PSVR 2

Must-knows for the owners of PSVR 2
10 Jul 2023

In our today’s material, we’ll take a closer look at the features of a rather simple headset PSVR 2 and we’ll give several recommendations on how to use it for first-time users.

First of all, the users will be able to use voice commands to launch apps. Also, you won’t have to set it up manually – use your voice! The main thing is to talk clearly. By the way, you have to turn on this feature before you actually begin to control the device with your voice.   

One more benefit of this headset is a quick menu – it makes the device even more convenient. Also, the users of PSVR 2 can calibrate the lenses. You can use this feature even when you’re fully immersed into the virtual world.  

It’s recommended to turn this feature on when putting on the headset to get the best image quality. In addition, the device is provided with eye tracking, so, it’s very important to position it on yourself in the right way.    

It’s important that the headset will work as usual even if it isn’t connected to a display. So, if some of your relatives of friends use the TV to watch an interesting show, it won’t be a problem, you will be able to use PSVR 2. However, it’s important to connect the headset to a display in the very beginning, when you set it up for the first time.

Statistically, many people don’t know how to control sound when using this device. Here’s an explanation: the sign of a loudspeaker will appear only after you click the PlayStation button.The next feature is especially important for those who love multiuser VR games.  You can use the button placed on the bottom of the headset to turn off the micro, not only for walkthrough.

PSVR 2 is designed not only for travelling in virtual reality. Thanks to so called “cinema mode”, you can also play regular games and watch videos. In this mode, a user can make the screen bigger or smaller and change its position.   

It’s better to use PSVR 2 in the sunlit premises. If the lightning is bad or it’s dark, there are problems with tracking of a headset and a controller.   

However, if the conditions aren't good enough, the users can use tracking support. You can turn it on in settings. By the way, this feature will be especially useful in a room lit with very bright sun rays or in a room with white walls.  

Even though the headphones coming with PSVR 2 are noise cancelling, it’s important for some people to know what happens around them.  The sidetone feature helps to achieve that goal. By the way, you can also adjust volume.

The next recommendation is for those who have barely used VR devices. It’s better to put special straps on your wrists: you need them to avoid accidentally throwing away your controllers.There’re free demo versions of games some of which are designed for PSVR 2, too, for those who don’t know what app to buy next time.

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