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New Quest 2 update V53 is ready

New Quest 2 update V53 is ready
10 Jul 2023

The owners of Quest headsets can get update v53 that includes the support of the most cutting-edge wireless network – Wi-Fi 6E. By the way, it has been available for the users since the end of April.   
Let’s get more details on what update v53 contains. Earlier, Meta (recognized as extremist in Russia and prohibited) announced the updates which will automatically start the process of installation mainly at night – in sleep mode.Now, the users can access one more improvement. Thus, they can postpone VR headset tune-out to let the device fully update the programs. Thanks to this, you won’t have to download something and spend time on it next time you use the device.
The next feature will take away the breath of those who love to record gameplays in VR. Now, they can do it in a stereo audio mode. Also, the users will enjoy advanced settings for video recording.
In addition, the parents can protect their kids who use a VR headset Quest from unwanted content. And, of course, the main benefit of update v53 is the support of Wi-Fi 6E.The owners of Quest VR headsets will get access to materials on

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