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New Quest 2 Update v54 is here

Quest 2 Update v54
03 Aug 2023

About update v54 for Quest 2 headsets  

In today’s article, we’ll tell you about Update v54 for Quest 2 headset owners. The experts note that the process associated with the update can take more than 7 days for all users. 

Now, let’s take a closer look at the characteristics. Thus, Horizon Home – your personal social area in Metaverse - has new parameters.

In the past, the users could invite other players to their place. Now, you can also share the atmosphere – you can let the others see your place in a 360° format.  

Of course, you have to activate this parameter in settings first. However, this update has a drawback – you are the only person who can view skyboxes.

Update v54 also changed Guardian game zone. Now, the system will store a bigger number of game areas. In addition, app storage is changed, too: it looks different now, also, the tracking of a body in VR is improved.

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