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New VR games: the games to play in March, 2023

The games to play in March, 2023
04 Jul 2023

Virtual reality offers its users a wide variety of entertainment. Also, VR attracts more and more people willing to get new experiences day by day. In today's article, we’ll tell you about the VR games that will be released in March.

March 1st   Dreamed of building a rollercoaster that will belong only to you? If so, CoasterMania is for you! Be sure you will get a lot of positive emotions.   

You can check your coordination and reaction time in an action game - Presentiment of Death. A user has to shoot enemies with arrows to survive.   

March 9th   

You can go 100 years back and plunge into the criminal world in Peaky Blinders VR. The game includes scenes of cruelty, that’s why it’s suitable not for all ages.   

You can try on the role of a member of the armed forces in Guardians Frontline. This shooter can be played by several users – ask your friends to join the team and fight.   

One of the best competitive games is Population: One. You can fight with other detachments, your main goal is to survive by all means.

March 10th

Even blinking can change the march of events in Before Your Eyes game.

March 17th

Breathtaking battles are waiting for you in Half-Life 2. This shooter’s gameplay can take your breath away.  

March 21st

Imagine you are a tourist who tries to survive when they’re surrounded by zombies… This is what you’ll find in Chapter 2: Retribution.

One more shooter where you have to survive – Ghosts of Tabor.

March 23rd   

In Not For Broadcast VR, you can try to be a host while the celebrities will fight to take part in a broadcast. Continue streaming regardless of circumstances!  

March, 24th   

Resident Evil 4 – is a horror survival game, suitable for thrill-seekers.

March, 30th

In Vertigo 2 game, you’ll be deep underground and you’ll meet a lot of creatures on your way. In the end, you’ll fight with their bosses.

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