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New VR games to play in May, 2023

New VR games to play in May, 2023
10 Jul 2023

In our today’s article, we’ll tell you about new VR games that will be released in May, 2023.   
May 4th

Horror lovers will like Propagation: Paradise Hotel VR game. Some info about the plot: the main character’s name is Emily, she needs to get to the hotel dwelled by zombies and find her twin sister.   

One more survival game is Survival Nation. This is one more game where you have to kill zombies.   

In Requisition VR, you will have to explore the city the citizens of which suffer from an awful virus. In addition, you will have to create weapon and heal wounds in this VR game.

Rogue Ascent is a VR shooter with hand tracking. The players will get into a real sci-fi adventure and use specific hand signs to defeat their opponents.       

May 11th  

Plunge into the world of mini golf in a new game Walkabout Mini Golf.

The ones who play Another Fisherman’s Tale will have to burrow into the fisherman’s past. His name is Bob.   

May 16th

Humanity is a novelty where every player will find something interesting, solve different puzzles and go through certain trials.

May 18th    

The users of a new puzzle-adventure game Firmament will get to three realms with their secrets and puzzles.   

The VR shooter Dead Hook is interesting in terms of gameplay and plot. The users are to make tough choices and face sudden twists and turns.

May 22nd

Multiplayer VR game Paranormal Hunter is suitable for those who love horror games. The players will create a team and fight with paranormal phenomena.

May 25th   

In a VR game We Are One the users will have to travel through time and solve the puzzles associated with the past, present and future.

The date of the release of a VR game Hello Neighbor: Search and Rescue isn’t confirmed yet. However, it was announced to be released in May.  

The next novelty should have been released in April, however, due to unknown circumstances, Everslaught Invasion will be released in May.  

The exact date of the release of Hubris is also unknown. Earlier, the developer confirmed that the novelty is expected to be released in May.  

The exact date of the release of a VR game Yupitergrad 2: The Lost Station for solo players isn’t known yet, too.

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