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New VR games: what to play in April, 2023

what to play in April, 2023
04 Jul 2023

Virtual reality provides a lot of opportunities. In today’s article, we’ll tell you about the VR games that will be released in April. It’s worth noting that there’re only the most important releases on this list.   
Everslaught Invasion: the exact date of the release of this VR game isn’t known yet. In this game, your goal is to defeat your enemies, using different weapons and improving your skills.

April 4th   You can become a boxer and a champion in Creed: Rise to Glory. The new version of this VR game - Championship Edition will give you joy with its characteristics and improved gameplay.  

April 6th   Across The Valley – a farm simulator where a user will have to take care of livestock and grow crops.  Some time later, you can expand your farm with the help of profit.

Half-Life 2: Episode Two VR Mod – this VR game is for the entire room. You will throw items, reload weapons, go upstairs and do many other things…An interesting VR shooter Gamit! offers a lot of entrancing missions.

April 13th  A VR shooter game for 5 players – Breachers. First, the players will be divided into categories, and then, the real fight will start…  

The next VR game isn’t for those who are afraid of spiders. Or, maybe, on the opposite, playing Kill It With Fire VR will help you to conquer your fear. In this game, a player will have to deal with these nasty creatures.   

You can save a kingdom from the dark in an adventure VR game A Knight In The Attic. Your main goal is to defeat an evil-doer, staying in a cozy attic at your grandma’s and solving interesting puzzles.

April 20thA virtual reality game consisting of 7 episodes and full of magic elements – it’s about Amid Evil VR.

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