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New VR Games: what to play in January of 2023

New VR Games: what to play in January of 2023
31 Jan 2023

VR opens up a vast number of possibilities. In this article, we'll tell you about the virtual reality games which are coming out in January. The review focuses mostly on projects from indie developers.

Virtual reality is winning hearts with its fantastic ideas.

January 5

Fitness fans can already try and appreciate a new training program - the Sculpt Studio from FitXR. It includes high-burn workouts. Such a program is meant to tone specific muscle groups, improve balance and coordination, and boost endurance.

January 6

In Gods of Gravity – Quest 2, a free RTS game, you can become one of the celestial gods and compete in a showdown with your friends. Two to eight players can simultaneously participate in the game. This arcade-style team game tasks players with taking over as many planets as possible.

Puzzling Places will surely delight players with 6 new 3D jigsaw puzzles featuring the main landmarks of ancient Greece.

Take Care VR is a horror-story game that has been released on the Steam platform. Collect important items and weapons, and fight your way through creepy zombies in order to survive and succeed!

January 12

GRID Legends for Quest 2 is a multi-player racing game with a story of moto sports events and a career mode that will make you experience thrilling speed and feel the adrenaline.

January 17

According to the developers, Blinnk and the Vacuum of Space is an adventure game for autistic players. The task is to catch mischievous creatures who have escaped after a laboratory accident and restore order at the space station.

January 23

In the Great Ocean game released by Steam, you'll have a chance to explore the oceans in a high-tech submarine. You can visit the Galapagos or Cozumel in Mexico as well as other fascinating diving spots.

January 31

A PSVR game, Straylight - Quest, is a neon-style simulator where you play Spider-Man, one of the most popular and beloved characters in the Marvel Universe. The game features 24 difficulty levels and elements of parkour.

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