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New VR gloves Lead Skin

New VR gloves Lead Skin
18 May 2023

Virtual reality is one of the most unique technologies of the XXI century. It makes our life more interesting: helps with learning and gives you a chance to get anywhere or even to space at any moment.   

The VR industry makes progress in leaps and bounds. New devices are released and new original projects are presented regularly. Today, we want to tell you about one more novelty – gloves with electrical impulse Lead Skin designed by Japanese developers.   

The glove’s weight is a bit smaller than 400 g. This thing is able to perceive your potential actions based on the movements of your fingers. It can help you to move virtual objects. 

The main difference between Lead Skin and other gloves is that electrical impulses are sent both to palms and fingers.   

You can learn more about this VR device in the video below. The developers say that Lead Skin will be presented in 2023.

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