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Oculus Quest 2: Top 16 VR games with hand tracking support

Oculus Quest 2: Top 16 VR games with hand tracking support
10 Feb 2023

In today's review, we're going to talk about virtual reality games with hand-tracking support built into the Oculus Quest 2. We should note that in reality, we use slightly different gestures. So the experts have yet to solve this problem concerning such technical limitations. But despite 'unrealistic' actions, a rather big number of interesting applications have appeared so far. And we're going to tell you about them right now.

First Hand is a game for those who have not yet tried hand tracking. This game will teach you to step by step what gestures you need to use. By the way, this game is available to download for free.

Hand Physics Lab is a puzzle game featuring various levels of difficulty which will surely please you. You will have a chance to pat a virtual cat or just draw something.

Cubism is another interesting puzzle game where you need to assemble complex shapes out of colorful blocks.

Surgineer is a game where everyone can instantly become a surgeon. It's especially interesting that in this game you are allowed to cure patients using not only traditional methods.

In the VRChat app, you will get into many exciting worlds. And you can also use hand gestures to fully immerse yourself in a stunning atmosphere of reality.

You're lost in dreams about at least a short vacation? Then Vacation Simulator is for you. The game plot is the following: the boss insisted that his employees should have some rest after a hard-working day. And it's up to you to decide what exactly you are going to do...

In Elixir, you play the role of a sorcerer who has his own laboratory. The sorcerer possesses some magical powers that haven't been revealed yet. This game is also available for free download.

Create your own dream city in Little Cities. The main goal of the game is to make city residents happy.

In the Figmin XR game, you do anything that you can imagine. Here you can sketch, decorate the rooms, and create videos for social media. The game offers an enormous choice of tools for that.

In Eolia, your mission is to save the world. The player will have to travel through the deserts.

Waltz of the Wizard game will make you feel that you really possess magic powers. By the way, in the game, you can use both your hands and voice commands.

Always wanted to learn to play the electric guitar and feel like a real rock star? Unplugged gives you such an opportunity. Select the hit song and rock out hard.

Piano Vision is another VR music game. There you can play the piano even if you don't have the necessary skills.

Chess Club is designed for chess fans. Three stunning environments and magically animated figures will be available to surprise the player. You will also hear amazing sound effects during all the chess games.

Prepare various meals as fast as you can and stand in the way of other chefs who are serving their customers the ordered food - all this can be found in Clash Of Chefs VR competitive cooking game. This fun game offers over 80 exciting levels.

In Tiny Castles, your mission will be to free the world from evil. In the game, you play as a powerful god.

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