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Rokid Max – new AR glasses from a Chinese company

Rokid Max – new AR glasses from a Chinese company
06 Jul 2023

Rokid Max is a new model of AR glasses from a Chinese company. They’re equipped with a lot of features and are quite cheap at the same time.  
Let’s overview briefly the characteristics of this product. Glasses with Sony micro-OLED display can immerse you into augmented reality thanks to high degree of detail and bright colors.   
The device weighs a bit more than 70 g. It’s provided with a high-quality sound system. Field of view of Rokid Max AR glasses is 50 degrees, resolution is 1920x1080.  To sum up, with this augmented reality glasses, you can have your own cinema without other visitors at home.  
It’s worth noting that you can enjoy your favorite movie or series even in a train or a plane – you don’t need any screen to watch something, Rokid Max AR glasses are enough.They are a mobile device, but you can also connect them to a game console with the help of an adapter.

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