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Spacetop — a laptop with AR glasses instead of a screen

A laptop with AR glasses instead of a screen
03 Aug 2023

The developers presented the first-ever laptop without a screen – Spacetop

This novelty will be a nice surprise for everyone. The developers presented the world’s first laptop without a screen. Its name is Spacetop.

This device doesn’t look like a traditional laptop. It consists of a keyboard and AR glasses. By the way, you can put these glasses on the laptop itself when you don’t use it – this is very convenient.  

Now, let’s consider the characteristics of Spacetop. First of all, it’s worth noting that the user won’t have to switch between the tabs – they will see all tabs at the same time.  

It’s convenient when the tabs are near each other, but if they aren’t, be ready to move your head all the time – it may be uncomfortable. The main benefit is that no one will know what you do using a laptop.  

In addition, you can show content to other people – it’s possible to connect Spacetop to a display.

The device can work with Wi-Fi and a modem, without the use of a phone – that’s why it’s convenient to travel with Spacetop. The experts note that the battery life is 5 hours, charging will take less than 2 hours.    

The first batch of Spacetop devices will be available in July, the price is $2000.

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