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Swiss developers announced new smart glasses Lyra

New smart glasses Lyra
06 Jul 2023

Swiss developers announced new AR glasses Lyra. They are equipped with AI and also have several interesting features which you will get to know about soon.

Presale of these AR glasses starts in September. By the way, this is the second product of this company. Before that, they presented ski AR goggles.

Now, let’s find out what AR glasses Lyra can do. One of the specific features for navigating in the city is that all information is showed on the lenses, so that you don’t have to use your phone. However, before that, you have to map a route in your smartphone.   

In addition, these AR glasses are able to replace a translator and work as a music player. But it’s not known yet how long the battery of the device will last. 

As for the way the device looks, the developers note that Lyra glasses will be lightweight and you can wear them all day long. However, there’s no information about their convenience and it’s unknown if it’s possible to wear contacts at the same time.

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