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The best 3D movies for VR headsets

3D movies for VR headsets
01 Jun 2023

Virtual reality technologies continue to develop and change our lives for the better. They also allow a viewer to watch movies plunging into the plot. In some cases, the viewers can even influence the plot and become the main character.
It’s very likely that many think that viewing movies in VR is expensive and requires some technical arrangements. In fact, there’re no difficulties at all. All you need is a VR headset or helmet.
It’s worth noting that you will perceive content in different ways. The first option will let you get only the visual effect, while the second option will let you watch movies, immersing into the atmosphere and participating in a movie.
You can find interactive VR movies in “virtual cinema” apps or with the help of some platforms, such as, for example, SteamVR. In today's article, we’ll focus on the best 3D movies for VR headsets.
The Conjuring is a horror movie consisting of several series. The main characters are the team that hunts ghosts. This is how they try to get rid of the demons living in houses.

You can travel to space thanks to a movie called Journey To The Edge of Space. Unforgettable views and inexpressible emotions  are waiting for you.

«It», based on Stephen King’s book, will make you afraid to move. The film will let the thrillseekers experience something exciting. In this movie, seven friends fight with a monster that kills kids. 

In The Hunger Games movie you will have to go into the arena to fight for survival with the strongest enemies. This is a really unforgettable experience!   

Ocean to Plate: A Journey into the Seafood Supply Chain – the movie about ecology. It tells about the secrets of seafood production.   

Save Every Breath will keep you in suspense from the very beginning and till the end. The plot develops during the period of World War II.    

Try the role of a refugee and experience all the horrors of war in a movie called Fairness Works: Refugee Crisis.

Crow: TheLegend is a cartoon the plot of which is based on the legend about self-sacrifice. The main character, Crow, fights for life during a rough winter, and then Crow has to make a dangerous decision…

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