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The best 3D movies to watch in VR for kids and adults

The best 3D movies
07 Jul 2023

Watching movies in VR is a new trend for true movie enthusiasts. In our today’s material – the best 3D movies for VR headsets. We divided movies into two categories – for children and for adults – for your convenience.

The best VR movies for adults  

Save Every Breath: The Dunkirk VR Experience is a great option for those who love history. This movie will let you plunge into the atmosphere of the World War II and will tell you about several interesting and different events…

The main heroes of The Invisible Man are drug pushes who owe their drug dealer. This is why they have to hide. The movie will make you feel in tension until the very end.

Those who are looking for thrill will love The Conjuring 2 – Enfield 360 Experience horror movie. The movie takes place during the war time, when families have to abandon their homes to get a chance to save themselves. The pictures of violence and the emotions of the hero will be there during the entire movie.

Ashes To Ashes movie will tell you about an unhappy family, the members of which try to take the death of their beloved person – their granddad – less hard. By the way, an old man had a last wish – he wanted his ashes to be scattered.  

You can go to space in The Martian movie. You will have to fight for your life together with the main hero, getting into various adventures.

The 3D movie for a VR headset where you will have to get survival skills and then fight in the main battle – The Hunger Games.

You can travel in a wild and picturesque forest in Wild — The Experience movie. By the way, you will be absolutely alone.  This is a great chance to enjoy adventures in a VR headset!

Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series – is a movie able to take you into a distant galaxy and help you plunge into amazing adventures.

One more horror movie with a creepy atmosphere is It: Float. If you like the film adaptation of an American writer Stephen King’s “It”, this VR movie will be a nice surprise for you.

The best VR movies for kids

Invasion VR will tell a story about aliens willing to rule the world. The firm will let your kid plunge into captivating adventures, and enjoying them in VR is a great option. 

The Lion King is a movie about a brave lion cub. Together with it and other animals, your kid will experience the world, making the right choices, and, of course, making mistakes.

A child can go to the witch’s forest with a little girl called Magda – it’s possible in Baba Yaga movie.

Bonfire a VR movie for a family. This film by Baobab Studios is the best one, be sure to watch it.

The plot of Gloomy Eyes can provoke a lot of emotions. This is a cute story about a zombie who fell in love.

One more love story: a postman falls in love with a beautiful girl in a short motion picture The Line. The story takes place in Brazil in 1940s.

Accounting+ – this movie is like a rollercoaster, it offers something crazy every now and then.

In the Wolves in the Walls movie you’ll learn about a young girl called Lucy who needs help. During several episodes, you will create a connection with her – this will be one of the most breathtaking VR experiences.

Dear Angelica is a movie based on a sob story about the career in Hollywood of the mother of a daughter.

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