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The best museums and tours for Android-based VR headsets

The best museums and tours for Android-based VR headsets
31 May 2023

VR headsets can help you to plunge into different realities easily and without spending much money. Here’s an explanation for those who don’t know how it works: you put your smartphone into a VR headset, where you’ve already launched a special app or a 360° video).    

Today, let’s discuss the most interesting museums worth visiting and tours for VR headsets for smartphones based on Android.    

The best VR museums:

–Google Arts & Culture VR app includes artworks from famous museums and art galleries from all over the world. You will be able to see and study unique masterpieces.   

Download the app

– Art is the source of delight. You can get aesthetic pleasure in The Kremer Museum, where they have more than 70 pictures of Flemish and Dutch masters.

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– Thanks to VR you can look at the dinosaur remains from Tyrrell Museum which is located in Canada. 

– You can take pleasure in the combination of art and VR technologies in «Dreams of Dali».

The best VR tours:

– Have never been to Saint Petersburg? Or, maybe, you have already visited this city, but you have no time to go there again? If so, the next video is for you. A guide will tell you about the yards and old palaces of the Northern Capital of Russia.  

– The Hermitage is the world’s second art museum in terms of size (follows Louvre). The true art lover (as well as a regular person) must visit it at least once in their lives. You can do it right now thanks to VR technologies.  

– KingTut VR we let you plunge into the history of Egypt and have a look at incredible ancient artefacts.

Download KingTut VR

– You visit the world’s best museums without leaving your home thanks to Boulevard VR.

Download Boulevard

– A short motion picture My Brother’s Keeper will tell you about two brothers who fought against each other during the Civil War in the USA.

– You can take a tour of the streets, squares, bridges, palaces and public gardens of London with full immersion into the atmosphere of the city with the help of this 360° video.

– Cosmos gets closer: you can take a short tour of planets and stars in Titans of Space.

Download Titans of Space

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