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The best VR games for kids under 14

The best VR games for kids under 14
01 Jun 2023

Virtual reality lures more and more people in: both adults and kids get interested in VR games. The main thing is to enjoy the moment and embrace the variety of entertainment. In today’s article, we’ll tell you about the best VR games adapted for children under 14.    

The puzzle genre proves itself to be very interesting. A player, especially a kid, can enjoy freedom of actions – this is the genre of games where you can get it. A kid will explore everything around them, touch the items, and watch some events. 

– Angry Birds VR: choose a place and use a slingshot to fire birds in whatever direction.

– Hand Physics Lab: a kid will have to fully control their hands in this game.  

– Fantastic Contraption: this is an engaging constructor game.

– Tetris Effect: an analogue of a legendary Soviet game.

– Cubism: the main goal is to build complex figures from multicoloured blocks.

Now, let’s have a look at the best VR shooters:
– Shooty Fruity: in this game, you have to protect a store from crazy fruits.

– Just in Time Incorporated: become an unusual agent and perform missions!

– Candy Kingdom VR: want to shoot in a shooting range? If yes, this game is for you.

– Smashbox Arena: create a team and fight with your opponent.

– Space Pirate Trainer: this is a chance to transform into a space outlaw.

The fans of virtual reality can also draw. Here’re some of the most successful projects – Tilt Brush, Multibrush, Painting VR, Kingspray Graffiti VR, Oculus Medium.
Want to change a role for a moment? You can do it in VR simulators.
– How about going to the Universe and playing mini-games? You can do it with The Lab.

– In Job Simulator, a robot will prepare a task for you, and you will have to perform it.

– Thanks to Waltz of the Wizards: Extended Edition, you will become a wizard and brew a very interesting potion.

– The school suffers from a lot of problems in Cosmonius High. Your task is to find their main source.

Action VR games offer a variety of actions and activities. By the way, even adults won’t stay indifferent.
– Fruit Ninja VR: here, you will have to hew many fruits to pieces. Try to avoid a bomb among apples and pineapples!

– Superhot: a thrilling shooter. By the way, it has a special feature associated with time. Try it to reveal the secret!

– Ski with your friends and enjoy mountain landscapes thanks to Fancy Skiing.

– Fight with bloodthirsty gladiators in Gorn.

Need to keep the kids busy for a long time? Team VR games are there to help you.
– Loco Dojo: a funny competition for up to four participants.

– VRChat: a project allowing users to interact with other players from all over the world.

– Rec Room: a game designed for communication and having fun together.

–Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale game allows you to try to be a chef!

By the way, the experts recommend not letting children under seven to play VR games. This may have a negative effect on the child’s nervous system.

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