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The VR game "Ironstrike" will be available on Quest headsets

"Ironstrike" will be available on Quest
30 Jan 2024

The roguelike virtual reality game "Ironstrike" is launching today on Quest headsets. It can be played solo, but there is also a multiplayer mode (up to four people).

Users will be able to choose from the following characters: Ranger - destroys opponents from afar, fighter - deals devastating and retaliatory hits in melee battles, mage - spells the enemy.

By the way, the developers note that the real characteristics of weapons will be reproduced in combat ( specifically their weight and momentum).

It will also be possible to unlock over four dozen skills and abilities during the game with different characters. For example, in the future, a fighter will be able to double jump, and a mage will be able to cast about twenty gesture-based spells.

All of this will give your heroes an advantage when fighting waves of challenging opponents.

The cost of the virtual reality game will be twenty dollars. If you pre-order Ironstrike, you may get a ten percent discount.

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