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The VR game Vertigo 2 will get a big update

Vertigo 2 awaits a big update
30 Jan 2024

Virtual reality shooter game Vertigo 2 will get a big update called "Bottomless". It will be launched on November 10. The developer says the update includes three new options. They will make the VR game even more diverse. It will also increase the playthrough time of the game.

The first feature is the ability to enable mutators. They can be used to change the process of the game. For example, it can get harder, easier, or just plain stupid, a combination of these modes is also possible.

The second feature provides three new characters with unique abilities. These include Brian, Officer 13, and Nani the alien. The third feature is the possibility to edit the levels of the Vertigo 2 game. With this, you can create your worlds in VR and share them with other players.

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