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Tiny and lightweight VR headset for a PC – Bigscreen Beyond

Tiny and lightweight VR headset for a PC
04 Jul 2023

Virtual reality technologies continue to develop in leaps and bounds. Thus, the developers of a Los Angeles company presented a new tiny VR headset for a PC. 
Bigscreen Beyond will be quite expensive, but it’s provided with several interesting features that justify the price. This premium VR headset will maximise the users’ pleasure and comfort.   
The main benefits of this novelty are, of course, its weight (127 g) and size. Taking into account bindings and a mask, the device’s weight may reach 185 g. By the way, the face mask is produced individually for every user.
The only thing that might be criticised is the headband of Bigscreen Beyond (the strap that is fixated on the back of your head. You can check if it’s comfortable only by putting on a VR headset. 
The experts note that Bigscreen Beyond isn’t only the smallest and the most lightweight headset, it’s also durable.   
As for short characteristics, this VR headset has two OLED- displays (thanks to which the colours will be contrastive and rich), 5K resolution and standard screen refresh rate – up to 90 Hz.
At the moment, you can pre-order a VR headset from an American company Bigscreen. It’s revealed that the headset will hit the market within 6 months.

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