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Use Flipside Studio to create 3d animation in VR for free

Use Flipside Studio to create 3d animation
03 Jul 2023

Have no experience of creation of 3D animation in VR? Here’s Flipside Studio – the development designed for you. It’s worth noting that this app is already available for free. Be sure you will succeed working on your first project!
Flipside Studio app can boast of a lot of tools and features. By the way, you can work online with other people, using the same set of tools. Together, you will create original animation, which, by the way, may be used to monetize your social media accounts.    Here’s brief information about the main tools and features of Flipside Studio:

- The users can choose from a range of characters, but if you don’t like them you can create your own avatars.

- You can use several virtual cameras and dynamic angles to make a game more convenient.    

- Hundreds of set and professional tools are there for you!

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