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Varjo has introduced the XR-4 headset for mixed-reality

Varjo has introduced the XR-4 headset
30 Jan 2024

Finnish manufacturer Varjo has announced its XR-4 mixed-reality headset, consisting of three models. It is mentioned that the world seen through this device is very similar to what your eyes see.

Let's start with the XR-4 model. This high-quality mixed-reality headset will cost $4,000. And you won't have to pay an annual support fee either.

It is worth noting that it is not endowed with an autofocus function, and has a very high resolution (if compared to most other devices) - thirty-three pixels per degree.

The cost of the XR-4 Focal Edition model will be 2.5 times higher - $10,000. The device is endowed with autofocus, supports eye tracking, and provides fifty-one pixels per degree.

And the next model is the XR-4 "Secure Edition". This is a special version that has a safety-related certificate and complies with government standards. The device can work even without the internet, it has no radio modules or controllers.

The XR-4 mixed-reality headset is expected to begin shipping in late 2023.

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