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Virtual Desktop can create “super resolution” images

Virtual Desktop can create “super resolution” images
10 Jul 2023

The owners of autonomous VR devices will get wireless access to their computers with the help of Virtual Desktop. In addition, it’s worth noting that the developer of Virtual Desktop regularly adds new parameters to its project. They do so, first of all, to provide VR fans with options to choose from.   
Thus, for example, the in-built feature Air Link that is usually free allows to connect devices to the PCs that support VR to let people fully enjoy the gameplay. However, Guy Godin, Virtual Desktop developer, found a new way and made several steps forward.   
Virtual Desktop technology now has its own program the main goal of which is to improve wireless data transfer. Users can also switch between several displays and connect up to 4 PCs with its help.
In addition, Guy Godin managed to work with one of the manufacturers of the mobile processors on implementation of spatial scaling method. In brief, this method allows to create a “super-resolution” image.   
At the moment, you can buy Virtual Desktop for VR headset Quest for $20.

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