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Virtual reality earned $3 billion on games and apps

Virtual reality earned $3 billion on games and apps
10 Jul 2023

The analysts of the VR market note that VR gains traction day by day. Thus, the users have already bought games and apps worth $3 billion.    
One of the investors, Tipatat Chennavasin, analyzed this information, using the statistics and data VR manufactures shared with him, and the ratings and reviews in VR app stores. According to him, Quest store that was launched 4 years ago became the best seller. The most popular app is a VR music game Beat Saber.
At the same time, it’s worth noting that, at the moment, about 40 projects earned more than $10 million. It’s quite a big sum of money for Quest.
Also, Tipatat Chennavasin noted that one of the main success factors for the success of VR industry is game design which became even more interesting thanks to innovations.  In addition, he believes that independent developers can become very successful now, the desire is the main thing.

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