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Virtuix announced release of a new VR treadmill

Virtuix announced release of a new VR treadmill
07 Jul 2023

Virtual reality continues to develop and offer new goods to its users. Recently, VR Omi One treadmill came to light: it will enter the market this year. By the way, they wanted to introduce it earlier, but the coronavirus pandemic changed everything several years ago.    

Let’s see how this VR treadmill from Virtux works. A user is to glide over a round platform in special shoes. This is how the movements are recreated in virtual worlds which you can explore. At the same time, your body is fixated with special straps, making Omni One absolutely safe.It’s important that a user is given freedom of movement. You can not only walk, but also jump and kneel down.   

It’s worth noting that this VR treadmill is lightweight and compact enough compared to other similar products. It can be folded away.   

According to the developers, VR Omni One is an entire entertainment system with its own game store which can work without additional devices. All in all, this product has a lot of advantages, but it also has drawbacks: for example, the limited number of apps you can use.   

The price is high – it exceeds $2500. However, VR Omni One treadmill has already sparked interest in many people regardless of its price.

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