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VR-news: Rampage Agents game launched in early access

VR-news: Rampage Agents game
30 Jan 2024

Today let's talk about another new release in the shooter genre. A VR game called Rampage Agents is now in early access.

It is designed for multiple players and consists of two main chapters. More than three dozen varieties of weapons and over six dozen maps are available for users.

Four characters with their unique abilities will also be available. By the way, it's worth noting that the list of characters will be increased in the future. There are four levels of difficulty in the game.

There are two game modes available for players. One of them is called "Battle Royale", and you can play with your mates in adventure mode.

In comparison, the full VR version of the game will feature even more intense gameplay in the adventure mode (the challenges will become more difficult, the list of maps will be increased, as well as the assortment of weapons). "Battle Royale" also has some nice additions.

This virtual reality game is available on the App Quest Lab platform, as well as on the Steam shop. The full version of Rampage Agents is expected to be released this year, in the third quarter. As new content is released, the cost of the game will increase, the developers note.

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