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What improvements the Quest v60 firmware will bring

Improvements the Quest v60 firmware
29 Jan 2024

Today, let's talk about update number 60 for the Quest virtual reality headset. By the way, we remind you that the update process may take about a week, so we recommend you be patient. To get the update, it's best to leave your device in standby mode and plug it in to charge.

With the new update, Quest VR headset owners will get three home environments. "Peak Lakeside" will take you to the mountains covered with snow, "Storybook" will take you to a fantasy world, and "Gold Mine Blue Hill" will take you on an unforgettable journey into the wilderness.

New Home Environments - Mountain Landscape

New Home Environments - Mountain Landscape

New Home Environments - Fantasy World

New Home Environments - Fantasy World

New Home Environments - Wildlands

New Home Environments - Wildlands

With the v60 update, Quest virtual reality headsets will be able to support even larger maps in memory.


However, to use this feature, it is necessary to share a point cloud consisting of three-dimensional coordinates with Meta servers.

It has also been revealed that devices, especially the Quest Pro virtual reality headset, will have up to thirty-four percent improvement in CPU performance when running MR applications. In addition, there will be nineteen percent more processor performance to speed up graphics output to the screen.


Version 60 will no longer include support for receiving notifications from your phone. A new "Layout" application will appear. It will help to implement AR objects into the real world, as well as perform various tasks to measure space and objects.

Now let's focus on cloud backup of your software information. It has been known to be present for several years in Quest. In particular, this includes saving games. With the v60 update, it will be possible to activate end-to-end encryption with a password.

The player profile will also change. When you go to another player's page, you'll see not only their friends but also the apps they use. This will make it easier to find a mate of interest. This format is similar to a social network.

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