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Wist app will let you recreate memories in VR

Wist app will let you recreate memories in VR
07 Jul 2023

Feel nostalgic for your past? The Wist app is a catch for you. This project is designed to help you step into the best moments of your life again.   
Thus, VR app Wist users will create a video on a phone and then convert it into 3D format. Later, it will be possible to watch the pictures on a smartphone that supports AR or via a VR headset.      
The videos can boast of colour and sound depth, they look as real as possible, and they can show the events that may took place, for example, decades ago.   By the way, Wist creator, telling a journalist about its features, showed his memories. Thus, you can enjoy the moments of your past not only alone: you can share them with your family and friends. 
At the same time, there’re some specific issues in Wist app operation. However, the developers keep working on the project improvement, and, later, it will let you experience the things from your memory again.   The exact date of Wist app isn’t known yet, however, the users can try a beta version after submitting a request.

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