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“X Mask” captures facial expressions in VR

“X Mask” captures facial expressions in VR
18 May 2023

Virtual reality technologies advance day by day and actively get into every area of our lives. Today, we want to discuss the novelty of the near future.  

Thus, this year, a Japanese start-up’s unique project “X Mask” is finally going to be released.   

Can’t wait to get details? They are already here: “X Mask” is a facial VR mask. It helps to track the movement of facial muscles and transfers those changes to virtual character’s face.   

At the moment, the developers keep silent about many nuances associated with the project.   

However, people say that the mask will be used both for those who play alone who plays together with someone else. Its weight is a bit bigger than 120 g. This device also has other benefits: X Mask will be 95% accurate.  

We hope to get to know more details soon because “X Mask” is something completely new in VR industry.

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