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Equipment of the future for a VR club

Equipment of the future for a VR club
27 Jan 2023

Immersion into the world of virtual reality is not possible without special VR equipment. It's an indispensable part of entertainment business of the future. Light weight, simple and convinient in use - these are its main features. No unnecessary wires or heavy equipment. A standard VR arena equipment set includes a laptop or PC, modern Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headsets, two gamepads, an acoustic speaker and a camera.

The key device for immersion into the VR world

The state-of-the-art Oculus Quest 2 VR headset is a true breakthrough in the world of virtual reality. It's a universal device for fast and realistic immersion into the meta-universe world. The headset must not be confused with virtual reality glasses. They are two different devices.

Glasses are designed exclusively for smartphones. Only simple and easy games can be launched.

The headset is connected to a PC, laptop, or console and has additional accessories. It can be used for playing heavy multi-gigabyte games of high quality. Such VR equipment sets will make the game as realistic as possible. That's why we use only VR headsets for playing and exploring the virtual worlds in a WARSTATION arena.

Lightweight, comfortable headsets with soft pads provide players with an opportunity to move in the arena easily and with complete freedom of movement. The built-in 3D positional sound system makes audible all details of game sounds: pistol shots, the clanging of bolts, the sound of breaking glass, and the shouting of the commanders. There is even a headphone jack for those who want to experience the sound effects to the maximum. Oculus Quest 2 headsets have the following key advantages: high picture resolution, maximum sound volume, optical cameras, easy adjustment of the size, LCD display, the most powerful processor, and approximately two hours of continuous use. The set includes two sensor controllers for controlling the objects in the virtual world.

Equipment for VR games is set up easily. We have developed detailed instructions for our partners on how to set up the headsets. Each step is described in detail.

You can buy VR equipment to start your own business in the online shop of LASERWAR company, the world's leader in the field of laser tag equipment production. Here you can find virtual reality headsets at a bargain price and with fast delivery to any place in the world.

Additional devices

You'll need additional VR club equipment so that the players could experience fantastic emotions in the arena.

PC is required to ensure the work of VR headsets in the arena. A usual computer or a powerful laptop will do. It will be used for the installation of the software and launching of the VR games.

Dynamic music will definitely make any game more exciting. So you should buy one or even two speakers for your VR arena. It's best to buy a portable one. It won't have unnecessary wires. You can install speakers at the two ends of the arena, connect them to a PC, and control music arrangements for the games from any place.

After their first visit to a VR arena, most players want to have cool pictures and videos for memory. It's the best way to capture vivid emotions after the first game in the virtual world. That's why a camera or smartphone with a good camera should be included in your must-have equipment list.

Sure enough, that's not a complete list of equipment required for a virtual reality arena. You can also add a microphone for briefings and greetings, a TV set for the lounge area and reception, or a game console.

A virtual reality club is a perfect place where visitors can relax and get plenty of unforgettable emotions. WARSTATION arenas guarantee total immersion into the world of virtual reality, and free and safe movement, not constricted by the wires. There is no need to make long lists of equipment for each area. Only a PC, VR headsets, and a camera. Modern VR technologies will guarantee a comfortable and exciting game with such a set.

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