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How much does it cost to start a VR club?

How much does it cost to start a VR club?
02 Aug 2023

The market with business offers for VR clubs is growing. Beginner entrepreneurs and those interested in business expansion find it harder to make a choice and feel confident about the future. Risks, costs, equipment, rent and staff are just a small part of what they will face. Opening a VR club with complex support and ready-made financial model is the approach of WARSTATION.

What do you need to open a VR club?

First of all, you have to choose premises. WARSTATION recommends to choose the ones the space of which exceeds 150 m². There will be several zones: game arena, reception area and lounge area. Recommended space for a player is 25 m² or more. In this case, the risks of running into each other are low and every player feels comfortable. Choose the premises with few columns and ceiling height that exceeds 2.6 m.   

If you have any problems with rent contract, WARSTATION team can adapt the player space for you (depending on your location). We will create a unique design project for you and provide recommendations. Cooperation gives you a chance to come up with creative ideas and open a VR club with unique design.

Equipment is an important aspect. If you cooperate with WARSTATION, our team helps you with it. If you buy certain tariffs within the framework of a partnership system, you won’t have to buy equipment on your own.   

WARSTATION develops software, that’s why we can adapt any map for your arena. Constant tech support will let the program work without failures.

What does the price depend on?  

Have a look at the partnership system offers: you have several tariffs to choose from. For your convenience, the team developed 3 options for club development support: REGULAR, OPTIMAL and PREMIUM. The rent guides aren’t enough, WARSTATION is ready to give you more opportunities to develop your business. Now, let’s talk about the price.

The price range depends on the city population, average rent cost, renovation and electricity. In case of minimum costs, if you choose REGULAR tariff, you will have to spend from $47 600 to $48 500 to open a full-fledged club. Please note that if you choose REGULAR tariff, you will have to pay $650 for license game rent monthly. A 15-month pay-off period is a great beginning for a young entrepreneur.    

If you choose OPTIMAL option, opening price ranges between $46 700 and $56 000. WARSTATION PRO subscription is obligatory only from the 2nd month, its price is $280. Your breakeven point is 7 months.   

If you rent 300 m² premises and want all extra services and the maximum number of game worlds, WARSTATION have a PREMIUM tariff for you. Its price and launching costs range between $46 700 and $61 000. You get WARSTATION PRO subscription as a gift. Pay-off period if just 6 months.


An important principle of our team is development of a partnership network, our business isn’t about just a classic franchising. Choose WARSTATION, if the following things are important for you:

  • No royalty and franchise fee. The club will develop according to your unique system, the profit will be yours;
  • Marketing support. Unique designer materials. Our experts will create social media accounts for you. You will be able to study and visit professional webinars;   
  • Detailed guides on how to hire and train staff;– Support is always available, the support team helps to solve the problems as soon as possible;   
  • We avouch words with proofs, we helped to open about 100 clubs.   

If you still have doubts and these reasons aren’t enough, we can provide you with a detailed financial model. Ask our managers for the information you need.

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