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How to play VR games: advice for beginners

How to play VR games
19 May 2023

Many VR game lovers are familiar with the WARSTATION brand. VR is developing in leaps and bounds nowadays, but some people are afraid of playing VR games. It seems to them that it’s too difficult or maybe even frightening and uninteresting. In this article, we’ll tell you how beginners can grow familiar with virtual reality.   

How to play in a VR headset

To plunge into the VR world, you need a special hands-free set – modern headsets Oculus Quest 2 and gamepads, as well as the software installed ahead of time. The visitors of VR arenas are carefully instructed and told how to use gamepads and how to move, they are also helped to wear a headset. You get the effect of immersion immediately. The picture changes each time you turn your head.If you decide to play a VR game at home, you will have to deal with settings on your own. After you get started, you discover a new fascinating world: you can shoot in shooters, drive cars in racing games and arrange funny adventures in arcade games.    

What games you can play using a VR headset 

Everyone can find something interesting in virtual reality: arcades, puzzles, games for kids and educational games, adventures, simulators, strategies, horrors, shooters. стратегии, хорроры, шутеры. WARSTATION franchise offers 12 game worlds: Space station, The last purchase, Destroyed building, Bridge assault, Bunker, Hangar, Winter village, Sci-fi city, Sci-fi street, Mars station – the original games developed by our experts. Besides, you can install not only team games, but also single player ones.

At what age you can start playing VR games  

VR games increase physical activity, strengthen logical thinking skills and make your brain work better, improve your communication skills. This is great entertainment for kids, but we recommend to let only kids older than 6 years play VR games. At this age, kids can control their emotions and they won’t be frightened by sudden change of reality when plunging into a VR world.

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